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On Sensitive Skin: Origani Erda Daily Glow Toning Cleanser Review

On Sensitive Skin: Origani Erda Daily Glow Toning Cleanser Review

Origani’s Erda is a toner and cleanser in one sexy bottle. Image from the author

I’m joining a cult — that is, the beauty cult.

In the past, I only used a facial wash and a cleanser every night. But today, I religiously follow a regimen every morning before I go to work and every night before I go to sleep.

Yes, I am a skincare junkie because I know now that my skin deserves all the love in the world.

I follow a routine, but I’m still adventurous enough to try new stuff for my skin. So I gave Origani’s Erda Daily Glow Toning Cleanser a try. The idea of having a toner and a cleanser in one concoction was too appealing to pass up.

Here’s what I’ve discovered about this elegant bit of skincare product.

Fitting It into My Skincare Routine

Origani’s Daily Glow Toning Cleanser had a cool, calming effect on my skin. Image from the author

I’m one of the fortunate ones when it comes to skin; I don’t experience acne breakouts, and I don’t have oily skin. This is why my skincare involves the basics: cleanse, double-cleanse, tone, protect the skin around the eyes, and moisturize.

First, I used my facial foam to remove the dirt on my face and neck. Then, I used my cleanser for deep cleaning.

Next, I applied Origani’s Daily Glow Toning Cleanser. It had a cool, calming effect on my skin. After lathering it gently all throughout my face and neck, my skin absorbed the toning cleanser in just a matter of three seconds. My skin felt soft after applying it


After rinsing, I proceeded to apply eye cream around my eyes and topped it off with a moisturizer. I did this for seven days, every morning and every night. And guess what?

The results were . . .  satisfactory.

Feeling the Effects

My skin needed time to adjust in the first two days as bumps popped up & vanished soon enough. Images from the author

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much because my skin usually needs plenty of time to get used to a product. Origani, however, served its purpose: my skin feels softer and exudes a daily glow that only the toning cleanser brought out.

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But in the first two days, my skin needed time to adjust. I do have slightly sensitive skin so when it absorbed the toning cleanser, two or three bumps (not pimples) popped up on my left cheek. Don’t worry – it’s just my skin acting up because the following day, the bumps vanished.

Am I happy about the results?

Absolutely. It may be safe to say that I’ll be adding Origani’s toning cleanser to my regular skincare regimen. Although it’s on the pricey side, it’s worth the purchase

This elegant-looking toning cleanser deserves a spot in everyone’s daily routine.


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