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What to Do When Battling Fine Lines and Wrinkles

What to Do When Battling Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Reclaim your beauty with “weapons” of mass beautification
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what happens when it’s our eyes that seem to push us into “the worn out look,” making us feel unattractive?

Our eyes tend to make us seem older than we are or they could also reveal our age beyond our comfort level. With fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, you could feel less pretty than you actually are and end up wearing sunnies all the time. But you don’t have to hide behind darkness.

You can fight back and reclaim your beauty with “weapons” of massive beautification.

Cool, Youthful Gaze with Eye Gel

This anti-aging gel reduces dark eye bags and fine lines Image from Kedma Cosmetics

An eye gel soothes the skin around your eyes. In contrast to a cream formulation, gel formulation is lighter with non-oily ingredients that fight aging and puffiness. Some brands even add innovative ingredients that deliver stunning results.

KEDMA Cosmetics, for example, uses microcapsules with bits of diamond particles in its Diamond Profusion Rejuvenation Lifting Eye Gel. The anti-aging gel reduces dark eye bags and fine lines, and firms your skin, relieving tension from it.

If you have oily skin, eye gels will suit you well because they don’t weigh down the delicate area around our eyes. Don’t worry – it won’t add volume to the skin. The skin absorbs eye gel very quickly. Also, they are less likely to sweat off in sunlight.

Moisturize, Moisturize, and Moisturize

Proper hydration makes your skin plumper
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Moisturizing holds a lot of benefits to your skin, so you need to keep a stash of the skincare product in your arsenal of beauty. Moisturizers lock in moisture. According to, properly hydration makes your skin plumper. This, in turn, masks your laugh lines. It’s best to moisturize every morning and night.

Sunscreen Away

Sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays
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No, ladies, sunscreen isn’t only for the beach. Do not, I repeat, do not neglect your sunscreen. It’s as essential as your moisturizer. The skincare product prevents the breaking down of collagen, leading to the development of deeper lines. If you don’t want fine lines, grab that sunscreen and hold on to it all day every day, all throughout the entire year.

Sunscreen is your go-to treatment in preventing the signs of aging from happening. Aside from barring the sun’s UV rays, sunscreen also enhances your face’s texture.

Opt for one that offers full protection. Use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Apply it daily, rain or shine because the sun may not be shining, but its rays are always there. You need to use it right, though, to ensure protection. Apply it on your skin 20 minutes before heading out. That will give the sunscreen a chance to settle into your skin.

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Grab that sunscreen now and keep tabs on how often you use it. We don’t want those wrinkles showing now, do we?

Commitment is a Powerful Tool

The key to your skincare routine is habit, ladies. You can’t falter, even when you feel tired at the end of a workday or had too much fun on a Friday night. Consistency with applying your eye gel, moisturizer, and sunscreen will allow you to maintain that supple, ever-so youthful skin.

You can defeat the effects of aging with eye gel, moisturizer, and sunscreen
Image from Pexels

It’s a three-step procedure that won’t take much of your time to memorize. Moisturize, apply your sunscreen, and put on that eye gel. You don’t have to do all three. You can combine just the moisturizer or the eye gel, or the eye gel plus the sunscreen.

You can defeat the effects of aging, as long as you put your heart into it. You can also try some natural remedies if you want. Now’s not the time to slack because those laugh lines aren’t going anywhere unless you make a move.

So put on your gear, ladies. It’s time to defeat time’s compadres aka wrinkles and fine lines.

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