Contrary to pop culture belief, single ladies don’t just constantly burst out in song and dance to Beyonce’s anthem for singlehood. We also work on the current relationships we’re in: with ourselves.

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It’s great being in love and in a relationship, but it’s also just as fun and adventurous being single–because being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. Here are five things single girls do that unattached girls can’t:

GIF from "Hercules" via Giphy

GIF from Hercules via Giphy

1. You can go wherever you want.

You can travel anywhere, anytime, and you don’t need to work with another person’s schedule. You can book a flight to Japan in a moment’s notice or drive up to Ilocos to go soul-searching. Being an independent lady, there’s no need to check in with someone for solo travel plans.

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GIF via Giphy

2. You definitely call the shots.

When you have big life decisions to make, you don’t have to have long talks or discussions with a significant other. You call the shots in your life and a partner won’t have to be significantly affected. It’s a lot easier to be a “yes” person and go after big opportunities that you come across.

GIF from "Real Housewives of New York" via Giphy

GIF from Real Housewives of New York via Giphy

3. You don’t have financial ties to someone else.

This is related to making big decisions for yourself without having to consult with a partner. Also, not being financially tied to someone means you have more moolah to spend on yourself, your family, and your friends. Oh, and no date nights mean more nights out with the girls!

GIF from "Sex and the City" via Giphy

GIF from Sex and the City via Giphy

4. Two words: Dating Apps

Okay, it’s near impossible to find Mr. Right using dating apps. But that’s not what dating apps are really for. They’re just pretty fun to use and they serve as a good ego boost (hello, Tinder). Single ladies have the freedom to sweep right or left and not worry about any relationship.

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GIF from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon via Giphy

5. You don’t have to worry about being boy-crazy

Oh, to be young, foolish, and crazy in like with someone. You may be a grown woman now paying your bills, pushing your wheels, and killing it at your career. But when you have a crush, you feel like a school girl again pining for the guy you’re convinced is Prince Charming. It’s an instant kilig boost!

GIF from "New Girl" via Giphy

GIF from New Girl via Giphy


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