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Dating Woes: Should I Ask Him Out? But How?

Dating Woes: Should I Ask Him Out? But How?

Dating Woes: Should I Ask Him Out? But How?

But he’s the guy, so I should just wait for him to ask me out. It just doesn’t go that way!

Let’s say you meet a guy on one of your online dating accounts or maybe you’ve been friends on Facebook for a while now. You’ve been exchanging comments and messages, and you’re really interested to get to know him more and it seems like you both enjoy talking to each other, in general. So, why haven’t you gone out yet? Or, the more pressing question that has probably been bothering you is, “Why hasn’t he asked me out yet?”

Get your ass up and do something, sister! You should know by now that not all men have the courage to ask out a girl that they like. Or, by the time they’ve finally gotten that courage, you might have already moved on. The real issue question here, though, should be: would you let something like this pass you by? Would you want to keep wondering, “what might have been” or would you prefer taking that risk and finding out for yourself? Your choice!

Now, if you do decide to finally take that step forward yourself, here are some tips on how to ask a guy out on a first date.

Stop assuming and making things up in your mind.

You may have already created a fairytale revolving around him in your mind or negatively decided that he simply isn’t interested in you. Well, whatever it is, brush it off! You read that right: brush it off! Throw it in the trash bin and flush it down the toilet because, just like in court, you can’t really call it a fact unless proven true. The thing that might have been stopping you is the fear that he is not interested; but what if he is? He may just be bad at timing things or maybe he’s the shy type. So, stop assuming things and start confirming them.

Keep your cool and keep it casual.

Be confident and stop thinking about coming off as too aggressive. Why not just ask him to hang out and grab coffee or how about asking something casual and cool like, “I’m not really doing anything tonight, do you want to join me for dinner? I’m interested to know more about that book you were suggesting.” Honestly, it’s not hard. Just imagine him as a mere friend that you are going to hang out with. Is that too aggressive? I don’t think so!

Do it now or never.

Time won’t wait for you to get your courage together. If you like him and you’re interested to get to know him more, do something about it now and stop procrastinating. The more you delay it, the more it won’t happen. Next thing you know, another girl might have already asked him out. It would be even worse if it turns out that that is what he really likes in a girl – someone who is a go getter. You’ll never know unless you give it a shot, though.

Life is too short to keep hanging on to the what-ifs and what-could-have-been-moments. If you don’t take that step forward, you will never know what you could have had.

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