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To All the Memes We Loved This 2018

To All the Memes We Loved This 2018

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Can you believe that 2018 is about to end? It seems like only a few weeks have passed since we made our New Year’s resolution to save more, weigh less, and try new things. But as the year comes to a close, everybody heaves a collective sigh of relief — we survived 365 more days of adulting and dealing with all the twisted news that media keeps feeding us.

Quirky as the idea sounds, memes like Gym Kardashian are probably the only thing that kept us sane throughout the year. Apart from having a good laugh because of them, we could all relate to the following memes that dominated social media this 2018:

January: The Car Swerving on a Highway Exit

It was only January and we were already making some questionable decisions. Those decisions range from something as mild as going out with your friends to more serious ones, like getting a doctor’s opinion on your wellbeing.

A screenshot from the Youtube video How to exit freeway like a boss accurately depicts our occasionally dubious decision-making process.

February: The Super Bowl Selfie Kid

February flew by quickly but nobody could’ve missed the young boy who looked unimpressed despite Justin Timberlake performing right in front of him during the Super Bowl halftime show. His indifference is admirable and extremely useful — especially when your crush approaches you or when colleagues are trying to fish for information.

March: The Squinting Woman

March gave us a couple of Spongebob memes — the Krusty Krub vs Chum Bucket meme that people use to compare two things and the Spongebob NoPants meme that shows a level of fatigue that is entirely relatable. This month also gave us the Squinting Woman meme originally posted by Twitter user @Solo_Kalin. Her exasperation jumps out of the screen and calls out to us.

April: Twitter Sparkles

If you were active on Twitter back in April, there was not a single day that you didn’t see one of those tweets with magical sparkles. Nobody’s sure where they came from or why they blew up. But hey, they gave us a break from the nasty tweets and comments that kept popping up left and right.

May: I Don’t Feel So Good

Let’s be honest — everyone cried for Peter Parker when he started disintegrating on Avengers: Infinity War. We were not even halfway done with the year but we could already relate to poor Spidey. No wonder “I don’t feel so good” memes kept surfacing on all social media platforms the entire month.

June: Big Dick Energy

OK, so the meme may literally be talking about genitals but guys are not the only ones who can have BDE. As the meme implies, it is about the confident energy that any person exudes. Keep in mind: that’s confidence without being arrogant or trying too hard. Some notable women with BDE include Cate Blanchett, Beyonce, and the baddest girl of them all: Rihanna.

July: Melania Gardening

We work hard to get the job done, receive rightful compensation, and contribute to a better society. But it feels nice to be recognized for your hard work and good deeds once in a while, you know? Melania Trump went viral in July after photos surfaced of her tending to the White House vegetable garden — well, she tried and that’s all that matters.

August: “Hurt Me”

Who would have thought memes could provide way to conquer our deepest fears? The “hurt me” meme that was all over Twitter last August forced us to face some inevitable truths, like One Direction breaking up to more serious realities, like dealing with our emotions.

September: Weird Flex But OK

You know when your little cousin is boasting about something that might have seemed major to you, too, when you were in grade school? Or that time your friend kept bragging about something that she thinks would make you stand in awe but actually just sounds dumb? That’s called a weird flex, OK?

October: Let’s Get This Bread

From social media drama to political betrayals, so many things have happened this year. Nevertheless, we have duties and responsibilities that we cannot just toss at other people. We have to stay calm and keep going. To keep hustling, you only have to say one thing: let’s get this bread.

November: Not a Cell Phone in Sight

Remember those good old days when we could actually talk to the people beside us on the couch without looking at our cell phones? Well, social media did us a favor in November by reminding us that we don’t need mobile devices to have fun.

December: What Does the Holiday Season Have in Store for Us?

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We’re only halfway done with December so it’s hard to tell which memes will best represent the month. Rest assured that we’ll tell you all about it. Meanwhile, take a trip down memory lane and share 2018’s best memes of the year with other Modern Filipinas. Happy holidays!

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