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10 Fashion Tips to Cover Up a Jelly Belly

10 Fashion Tips to Cover Up a Jelly Belly

Is that puson getting in the way of of your style choices? One way of concealing that flabby stomach is with help of shapewear. However, shapewear should only be worn in special occasion (like a hot date). Using corsets and Spanx on a daily basis may affect digestion, blood circulation, and lung function. Below, we’ve shared a few dos and don’ts—tips on how you can have a yummy tummy without the assistance of restricting underwear.


1. Avoid belts

Instead of creating an hour glass shaped figure, cinching in a belt, especially one that is thick, will emphasize your lack of curves.

Photo by Jen Collins via Flickr Creative Commons
Photo by Jen Collins via Flickr Creative Commons


2. Go for empire cut

Best to go with details that draw attention away from your midesction. Try an empire cut dress as this nips under your bust and disguises that tummy bulge. Keep in mind, however, that empire cut with pleating details or a baby doll top will make you look pregnant, so stay away from these.

Princess Dress, P1,299 from Chictees via


3. Go for smocked hem blouses

Another option is a smocked hem top or one that tightly gathers fabric on its hemline. A banded top is forgiving of your stubborn belly, as it hits your hips, directing people’s attention elsewhere.

Daira Plus Size Blouse, P890 from Multiples via
Quarter Sleeves Flat Collar With Smocking Hem, P649.75 from Cliffe via


4. Avoid clingy shirts, but also too-large ones

Steer clear of slim-fitting tops as well as oversized ones. Tight shirts highlight those love handles, while oversized blouses can make you look bigger.

Photo by Susan Sermoneta via Flickr Creative Commons
Photo by Susan Sermoneta via Flickr Creative Commons


5. Go for flowy tops

Hide your middle with a top that has a tight upper part with a flaring hemline. This style drops loosely from you shoulders and creates a look that tames your tummy. Details on the neckline is a bonus, as it brings the focus away from your stomach to your face.

Crochet Neckline Swing Top, P799 from Something Borrowed via

6. Go for tunics

Another style to try is a tunic. It is longer than other blouses, plus it drapes over your midsection. Pair it with skinny jeans or leggings.

Lace Tunic, P1,599 from River Island via


7. Avoid cropped tops

What’s the point of purchasing a cropped top? You want to distract people away from that  problem area and not really show it off. Also shun low shorts and too-tight pants that give you a muffin topped look.

Photo by Lauren Close via Flickr Creative Commons
Photo by Lauren Close via Flickr Creative Commons


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8. Go for asymetrial tops

An asymetrical  hemiline creates lines that soothes your midriff area. What more, these blouses often hang loose over your waist and its details hide that belly.

Juvelle Top, P998 from Plains and Prints via


9. Avoid tucking that shirt

Tucking in that shirt will only display that fat bubble. Best to let that shirt hang casually over your pants, which in turn can also elongate your torso.

Photo by Ninniane via Flickr Creative Commons
Photo by Ninniane via Flickr Creative Commons


10. Go for a  layered look

Blazers, whether worn buttoned or even open, is great way to curtain that midsection. Longer cardigans and kimonos creates a slimming look. Petite? A monchromatic look can give the illusion of length.

Blazer, P1,699.75 from Viseversa via


The rule of thumb is to avoid piees of clothing that will give definition to your midsection. In the end, though, what really comes down to it is your own sense of confidence, as a carefree attitude and a smile will help you pull off any look, jelly belly notwithstanding.

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