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Going On the First Date: The 3 Steps to a Successful First Date

Going On the First Date: The 3 Steps to a Successful First Date

Going On the First Date: The 3 Steps to a Successful First Date

If you are about to go on your very first date with a guy you’re really interested in getting to know better, what should you do? How should you act? Should you just be yourself or should you fake it ’til you’re on your 3rd, 4th or 5th date? I mean, you’re probably thinking that you really need to impress him, right?

RELAX, sister! We’ve got it all covered for you; so sit back and read on while we teach you the right moves that will make your first date with him a memorable one… And with great memories of it to boot!

Be Confident and Just Relax.

Rule number one is to be confident and just relax. The mere fact that you are about to have your first date means that he is also interested in getting to know you more. Stand tall, look proud, practice your best smile in front of the mirror and avoid fidgeting. It won’t be a good start if you don’t relax because you won’t be able to make a good connection with so much worrying going on in your mind.

Get to Know Him Better.

Since this is your first date, it is enough for you to just talk about things that could help you get to know the basic things about him and his thoughts on various issues. This way, you’ll know if you are both running on the same direction. However, you need to know what is considered to be TMI on a first date. Some things to avoid include obsessing about how your ex broke your heart, raving about how you’re desperately looking for that one special guy to will fill the empty space in your heart, and anything that you do behind closed doors. During the first date, it is important to keep the mystery alive at all times and to leave the more private questions for the succeeding dates (of which there could be aplenty if you play your cards right!).

Know What You Want But Don’t be Too Pushy nor Too Reserved

One thing that falls into this category is whether you should kiss a guy on the first date or not. Here’s what I always say: just go with the flow, but know your limitations, too. There will be instances where kissing a guy on the first date is the right thing to do. If this is the case, then so be it. If you think the first date went well, don’t be afraid to tell him, either. However, don’t go blabbering about plans for your following dates just yet. Instead, simply appreciate the good first date, let him take the lead and just see where it goes from there.

The first date is the first step to developing a possible relationship with someone so this is quite a fragile state. Remember what Celine said in the movie “Before Sunset”? “I guess when you’re young, you just believe there’ll be many people with whom you’ll connect with. Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times.” So, don’t screw things up by not knowing what to do, alright? Take these tips to heart!

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